Ross Heselton
The Burden Borne

1.To Sing On This Stage 05:26
2.When Flowers Cannot Be Seen For Their Thorns 03:49
3.The Cantabrian Sea 07:17
4.To Chase The Shadow On A Sundial08:27
5.I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings05:39
6.Song For A Brother 04:29
7.The Burden Borne 07:45
8.A Grave With Many Doors 04:04

Credits: Artwork, Quentin Richter / Recorded & performed by Ross Heselton / Vocals on ‘A Grave With Many Doors’: Augustin Soulard, Camille Dagen, Charlotte Cherici, Genséric Coléno, Laura Burocoa, Lola Fernandez, Lucas Bonnel, Lucie Castel, Léo Bizeul, Mathilde Mennetrier, Roberto Jean, Simon Marini, Théo Cloux, Trystan Reynolds, Zacharie Toumi

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illustrations: Léonie Risjeterre / construction du site: R. Heselton & L. Risjeterre